'Tasty Puff' Vanilla Flavour

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'Tasty Puffs' are liquid flavours which are added directly to the tobacco or similar and ensure a unique experience of tastes covering the smoke's odor. The smoke only smells after the used flavor. It is also perfect for shishas, waterpipes, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, herbs, papers, pipes, vaporizers, oil burners and many more. One bottle is good for about 400 drops/ca. 7,3ml. Only a few drops are needed for each cigarette, e-cigarette or your favorite legal herbs. 

'Tasty Puff' consists of natural and nature-identical flavours on the basis of propylene glycol alginate and is free of oils, triacetin, diatecyl and other colouring agents. 'Tasty Puff' is not fit for human consumption!

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