Fenix 'Mini' Vaporizer

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The compact 'Fenix' 'Mini' convection vaporizer for herbs and concentrates with big OLED-display and quick heating up period of only 30 seconds has a temperature range of 160° C - 221°C / 320° F - 430° F. Its user-friendliness is enhanced by its pocket size, the smooth-touch surface and a powerful 1600mA/h rechargeable battery. 

For the vaporization of dry herbs, the stainless steel heating chamber is filled. The air is supplied directly into the herb chamber, so that the material to be evaporated is protected against combustion. For inhaling concentrates, the quartz chamber with silicone cap is filled and inserted into the heating chamber. 
The 'Fenix' 'Mini' shuts off automatically after 4 minutes of non-use. The charging of the integrated accu is done via a micro-USB-port with a USB charging cable. Accessories for cleaning and filling complete the 'Fenix' vaporizer set.

Use a Fenix Mini Bong Adapter to use your vaporizer on a bong with water cooling and filtration!

Scope of delivery: 

  • 1pc Fenix Mini vaporizer
  • 1pc USB-charging cable
  • 1pc silicone mouthpiece with stainless steel screen
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc tamping tool
  • 1pc pincers
  • 1pc quartz tank
  • 1pc user manual in German/English

Attention: Charging with mains adapter usual in trade with 5 Volt and at least 1000mA power output!



Fenix Mini Logo
Convection, Closed Stainless Steel Chamber
For Herbs/Concentrates
Integrated 1600mA/h Accu, Micro USB-Port, 5V/1A
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