Flamez Rolling Papers Slim Size

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Flamez Rolling Papers Slim Size, also known als Flamez King Size Slim, has it's own 'Flamez' embossing embedded in the paper, which has made the papers even more transparent. The paper is made of a mix of 50% wood and 50% hemp. The ideal mix! The packaging is notable because of the adding of a silicone layer to the packs. This doesn't only look very cool, it also has the advantage the packs are slightly waterproof. (Papers are similar to Smoking Gold.) Flamez King Size Slim seriously competes with more well known brands because it's quality is as high, maybe even better, as the established brands. We believe Flamez King Size Slim, is the best paper on the European market today! Flamez King Size Slim offers four flaming advantages: - Best looks - Best burning - Best glue - Best price!

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