Diffuser Beads

14,99 €

Bong Diffuser Beads help cool your smoke more efficiently. These diffuser beads are made of glass, and are perfect for a better distribution of the smoke. The resulting is a cooler, softer and cleaner smoke that contains less tar. But how do diffuser beads work?

Simply throw a handful of diffuser beads into your bong water (watch out for the downstem!) so that the smoke has to travel through the diffuser pearls. So be sure to use enough bong beads. When the smoke travel though the downstem and into the bong water, the pearls start acting as a diffuser: the smoke gets divided into many smaller bubbles and exposed to a larger surface area of water. As a result of this, the bong water works a lot more effectively. 

These glass bong diffuser beads are also suitable for most shishas / hookahs!

This is a large container of bong beads, great for when you have a large bong, or when you simply want to have some more in stock. For smaller bongs, the small container of bong diffuser beads is more than enough.


Bong Diffuser Beads overview

  • Glass Diffuser Beads
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Contains 900 grams of bong beads
  • Diameter of 6 millimeters
  • Large container
  • Also available in a small container
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