Black Leaf 'Carball' Activated Carbon Filter Adapter

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The 'Carball' from 'Black Leaf' is a bong adapter for filtering the smoke. The adapter with roll-stop, here design ‘Ball’, has to be filled with activated carbon and then placed between the chillum and the bong bowl. The activated carbon filters out a large amount of harmful condensates and tar from the smoke without affecting its effect. The smoke tastes milder and it is more gentle for the lungs. It keeps your pipe clean longer and makes harsh blends taste smoother. Stainless steel screen included. 



  Material: Borosilicate Glass
  Color: clear
  Print: Black Leaf Carball Logo
  Length: 90mm
  Grind: SG 2x14 (14,5mm)
  Supplies: Screen
  Info: Comes in a Gift Box
    Carbon not included!


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