What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a little device which lets you "vaporize" weed, hash or tobacco instead of burning it. When smoking a vaporizer, or "vaping", smoke is completely absent. The psychoactive ingredients (cannabinoids) fully evaporate to be inhaled, but very little to none harmful substances, such as tar or carbon monoxide, will make it to your lungs! Another reason for many people to find vaporizers better than smoking is that a vaporizer lets you fully enjoy the pure flavour of your precious herbs. Because the weed is "vaporized" instead of burned, the flavour of the vape closely resembles the actual scent, the aroma, of the unburned cannabis. An additional benefit of vaporizers is that the absence of tar leaves your fingers smelling fresh, keeps your teeth clean, and your walls won't turn yellow from smoking a vaporizer inside. A vaporizer unhealthy? We don't think so... it tastes great, and is definitely much healthier than smoking!

How does a vaporizer work?

So how exactly does a vaporizer work? There are different types of weed vaporizers for sale, but most work about the same: a heating element in the vaporizer heats the air which flows through the "heating chamber" in which you put the crumbled herbs, the hot air heats the cannabis (similar to an oven), and the terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD "vaporize" in order to be inhaled. This is called a convection vaporizer: the cannabis is heated by hot air. There are also conductions vaporizers, in which a hot metal plate heats the herbs. There's no fire or sparks involved. There are also vaporizers that need to be heated manually with a (torch) lighter, such as the Vapocane. So what is the best vaporizer? Each kind has it's own advantages and disadvantages, so just try for yourself to see which you like best! Aside from weed vaporizers, there are also the so-called vape mods for vaporizing e-liquids. These vape liquids can contain CBD, THC or nicotine, and often have very tasty flavours. This is an easy way to smoke CBD in a vaporizer. For smoking concentrates or dabs with a vaporizer the Big Hero Dab & Vape Pen is probably the best choice!

Buy a vaporizer at Bongify

Looking to buy a vaporizer, but you have no idea where to start? At Bongify, we have many different vaporizers in stock at discount prices. Whether you're looking for a vaporizer for weed, vaporizer for hash, a vaporizer pen, vape mods, balloon vaporizers, luxury vaporizers, glass vaporizers, digital vaporizers, we have them all! Different brands such as Storm, Flowermate, Davinci, Pax 3, XMax and many others can be found in our online vaporizer store. Here you can easily compare vaporizers. We also have vaporizer accessories such as vape coils and vaporizer cleaning supplies in stock.

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