Metal Multi Bong Adapter Pro (for Joints, DynaVap & more)

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The Metal Multi Bong Adapter Pro (for Joints, DynaVap & more) made by Bongify allows you to smoke a joint through a bong and to mount your DynaVap vaporizer on your bong, while at the same time serving as a multi-purpose adapter (for example, to change 14mm male to 18mm female in order to mount a dabbing banger on your bong). It fits in female SG14 (14,5mm) and SG19 (18,8mm) joints, and both sides have a female SG10 (10mm) socket for DynaVaps or small dabbing bangers. In other words: this adapter allows you to do many things with just one product, so that you don’t need to buy a whole collection of bong adapters.

There are two versions of the Bongify Multi Adapter. The Multi Adapter pro is the most popular (and virtually unbreakable) version, and is made of CNC-cut high grade aluminium. The aluminium material has a few advantages: first of all, it’s very durable and almost indestructible. But the metal also has a positive effect on the smoke itself. Because aluminium transfers heat very well, the smoke (or vapour) is cooled even before it enters the bong, which makes the smoking experience smoother and more pleasant. The shape of the inside of the adapter enhances this effect. Then there’s the Lite version, made of 3D-printed PLA plastic. This is a so-called “BioPlastic” made of plants such as corn and sugar cane, which means that it’s biologically degradable/compostable and therefore eco-friendly. It’s also cheaper to make than aluminium, and it’s lighter in terms of weight. This makes it a great low-cost alternative to the Multi Adapter Pro, for the people who don’t want to spend the full price. Please note that the Lite version will always have some minor imperfections from the 3D-printing process, but that doesn't have any negative effect on its functionality.

The main purpose of this adapter is to add water filtration to your joint or blunt. This means that you can smoke your joint or blunt through a bong, to get the best of both worlds. A long and relaxed smoking session that a joint offers you, with the comfort, effect, and water filtration of a bong. But it can do much more! For example, you can put an OCB or Actitube carbon filter (or a different brand) inside the adapter to add carbon filtration to your bong without using separate carbon or an adapter specifically designed for carbon filtration. Check out the (incomplete) list of possible uses below.


Some possible uses:

  • Smoke a joint (or blunt, cigar, cigarette) through a bong
  • Use your DynaVap Vaporizer on a bong
  • Use SG10 (10mm) bangers on your SG14 or SG19 bong
  • Change SG14 (14,5mm) female to SG19 (18,8mm) male
  • Change 18,8mm female to 14,5mm male
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