Grace Glass 'Summer Smile' Percolator Bong 'OG Series'

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Grace Glass returns with the Grace Glass 'Summer Smile' Percolator Bong 'OG Series': an amazing bong at an extremely competitive price. All bongs from the OG series from Grace Glass are high-quality glass products of an extremely good quality and made of the finest borosilicate glass. A good bong for beginners, but also perfect for the seasoned bong expert.

This fine piece of art from Grace Glass' OG Series is made of super strong but also very durable "Laboratory Glass", or borosilicate glass. This heat-resistant glass ensures that you can rinse the bong under the hot tap without any problems and let it soak in order to clean it. Borosilicate also makes the bong a lot stronger and more scratch-resistant than soft glass bongs. You can use this bong for many years without any signs of wear. Ideal!

The built-in 8-arm "Tree Percolator" is just one of the ways in which this bong cools the smoke. In addition to the percolator, this bong is also equipped with a diffuser downstem, so that the smoke is immediately well dispersed through the water as soon as the smoke enters the bong. This allows the water to function optimally, and the smoke is cooled and filtered very well. The result: a very soft, clean, tasteful and pleasant smoke to inhale. The smoke then rises through the 8-arm percolator (which is filled with water), where the smoke is refined again. Finally, you have the option to add ice cubes in the neck of the bong. So it is a full-fledged Ice Bong. This makes the smoke even cooler, and you can take much larger bong hits without coughing.

The kickhole (or carbhole) on the side of the bong makes it possible to inhale all the smoke from the bong without having to lift the hot bowl. This way you can easily control the air flow in the bong using just one finger. A rubber plug is included with which you can close the carbhole. This is ideal for filling it with warm water (during cleaning), but you can also use it to close the blow hole if you prefer to smoke USA-style (without carbhole, by lifting up the bowl). The choice is yours!

Above the Percolator is a Splash Guard. A Splash Guard actually ensures that even if the percolator is bubbling heavily, you cannot get water in your mouth. Of course you don't want bong water in your mouth, and Grace Glass has taken that into account. A must have for a luxurious bong like this!

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About The Grace Glass 'Summer Smile' Percolator Bong 'OG Series':

  • Made by Grace Glass
  • Connection: 2x SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 38 centimeters
  • Diameter: 55mm / 45mm
  • Can be used with Ice (Ice Bong)
  • Equipped with 8-Arm Tree Percolator
  • Diffuser Downstem (6 slits)
  • Bowl with Glass Handle (Included)
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Glass Colour: Green / Transparent
  • Carbhole with Rubber Plug
  • Equipped with Splash Guard
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