Grace Glass 'AMSTERDAM V3' Rasta Colours Percolator Bong

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A bong with 24k gold in it for this price? It's all possible with the Glass Glass 24K gold lining collection. These bongs contain REAL (!) 24k gold on both the top and bottom of the bong. Amazing, right?!

This bong is made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is still one of the best and most durable types of glass to produce bongs and accessories to date. Borosilicate glass (also known as Laboratory Glass, Scientific Glass or Pyrex) is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and has a harder surface than "normal" glass (soft glass). Because of this you don't have to worry about wear, because this bong will last for years without any problems!

The built-in percolator in this Rasta Bong from the AMSTERDAM V3 Series by Grace Glass ensures that the smoke is very well cooled and filtered before you inhale it. The smoke is therefore a lot softer on your throat, so you don't have to cough as quickly. In addition, you breathe in less harmful substances (such as tar and carbon monoxide), because these are largely filtered out of the smoke and remain in the bong water. This way, smoking immediately becomes a lot healthier and you save your lungs!

In addition, with this bong you also have the option to put ice cubes in the neck of the bong, thanks to the three notches that act as ice holders. With a few ice cubes in these holders you can cool the smoke even better before inhaling, which makes the smoking experience extra soft. Ultimate enjoyment!

This bong can be used in 2 different ways: it is equipped with a carbhole, but the glass bowl is also equipped with a handle! The carbhole makes it possible to smoke without lifting the bowl from the bong: keep your finger on the hole, pull the bong full of smoke, release your finger and inhale everything at once! But for those who prefer to lift the bowl there is the option to close the kickhole with the included rubber plug (so you don't have to use it if you don't want to). This plug is also very useful when cleaning the bong, so that you can fill the bong with hot water and let it soak.

We only sell GENUINE bongs from Grace Glass, Hurricane Basix, Amsterdam, Black Leaf and many other fantastic brands!


About The Grace Glass 'AMSTERDAM V3' Rasta Colours Percolator Bong:

  • Connection / Grind: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Colour: Transparent / Rasta / Gold
  • Glass Thickness: 4 millimeters
  • Diameter: 55 / 40 millimeters
  • Height: 35 centimeters
  • Suitable for Ice (Ice Bong)
  • Carbhole / Kickhole (With Rubber Plug)
  • Glass Bowl with Handle Included
  • System: 6-Channel Tree Percolator
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