Glass Penis Bong 'Willy' XL

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The Glass Penis Bong 'Willy' XL is an exceptionally popular bong that is very suitable as a gift, or to decorate your favourite co-worker's desk. Although many people ask us whether it can also be used as a "pleasure object", we definitely do NOT recommend that: the glass is strong and relatively thick, but you don't want to imagine that the glass penis breaks while you... do we need to finish this sentence?

The Black Leaf Willy Bong is available in two sizes: The Small Willy (17 centimeters tall), and the Willy XL (26 centimeters tall). Both varieties are made of the same high quality borosilicate glass ("Pyrex") which makes them relatively strong, scratch-proof and heat-proof. Treat your Willy with a little care, and it will continue to work decades from now!

The downstem and bowl, together also named "chillum", are mounted into the bong with a rubber plug seal. A bong screen (sieve) stays in place very well, and you can unscrew the bowl to empty or clean it. Ideal, isn't it? Although you cannot simply replace the downstem with a diffuser downstem to improve the quality of the smoke, but you can fill the Willy with diffuser beads to create the same effect. But no need to worry about the smoking comfort, even without using bong beads: the exceptionally ergonomically-shaped mouthpiece is a true pleasure for your lips. At the same time, the mouthpiece functions as a "splash guard", preventing any splashes of bong water reaching the inside of your mouth. You don't want to be surprised by fluid in your mouth while your lips are enjoying the Willy, do you?


About The Glass Penis Bong 'Willy' XL

  • Penis-Shaped Bong
  • Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex) (3,2mm Thick)
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Height: 17cm (small) / 26cm (XL)
  • Metal Bowl with Rubber Plug
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