"EHLE X-Trakt" Hash Oil Extractor (for Butane/DME)

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The "EHLE X-Trakt" Hash Oil Extractor (for Butane/DME) is a very high quality extractor for dabs from the German company EHLE. They are known for manufacturing laboratory glassware and bongs that meet the highest quality standards. This BHO (butane hash oil) extractor is made of very strong laboratory glass (borosilicate) and is therefore one of the absolute toppers for professionally making hash oil at home.

How does this weed / dabs extractor work? Making your own dabs is very easy with this extractor. You open the black screw cap and fill the extractor with dried and ground weed (or clipping waste). Then screw the cap with the glass frit filter back on the tube, and hold the tube with the black cap facing down over a glass or silicone dish. Then you empty a bottle of butane gas (normal lighter gas) or DME (dimethyl ether) into the tube through the hole at the top. The butane or DME runs through the tube, and drips out from the bottom. Catch these droplets with the glass or silicone dish to allow the solvent to evaporate. When everything has evaporated, your extract is ready to dab! A detailed manual is included and can be downloaded below.

It is important to fill the tube completely, but not to press too hard (the gas must also be able to pass through). This makes it important to use the correct size extractor. So if you only want to make a small amount of dabs occasionally, it's best to use the smallest extractor - while for someone who makes a lot of extracts, the larger versions are better suited.

When you see them and hold these EHLE extractors in your hands, you immediately notice that they are top-quality glass that would satisfy even the most high-tech laboratory. This borosilicate is not only very resistant to extreme temperatures (and therefore the cold that is released during the extraction), but also scratch-resistant and extremely strong. The filter in the black cap is a glass frit filter (which does not affect the quality or taste of your extract), and the closures are sealed with two flat O-rings. Finally, this weed extractor also has an anti-roll protection (the blue ball), to ensure that it does not roll off the table... and the EHLE logo should of course not be missing!

What is the difference between BHO (butane hash oil) and rosin? BHO is made through butane extraction, while rosin is created by pressing weed under high temperature and pressure. Rosin is therefore "solventless" or made without solvents, but with butane gas or DME (an alternative extraction agent) you can produce large amounts of dabs much faster and easier. In addition, a BHO extraction with butane or DME is more efficient than a rosin extraction; the yield is higher.

And how do you use this extract or "dabs"? There are several ways to use hash oil or dabs, but by far the most popular is by vaping it in a so-called "dab rig". This is a special bong for smoking dabs that many see as the future of smoking weed. You can also just smoke it in a joint!

What is the difference between weed and dabs? Dabs, or cannabis extracts, are a concentrate of the active substances that you find in weed (including THC, CBD, terpenes and other substances) and therefore much more potent than a regular weed flower. Sometimes a bud of weed is also dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with trichomes (resin crystals). These are called "Moon Rocks".


Download the user manual in English



"EHLE X-Trakt" Hash Oil Extractor (for Butane/DME) overview

  • Hash oil extractor / BHO extractor
  • Easily make your own dabs
  • High-quality borosilicate glass (5mm thick)
  • Available in various lengths (20cm, 30cm, 35cm)
  • With roll-stop, screw cap, glass frit filter and two O-rings
  • Diameter: 5 centimeters
  • Made in Germany by EHLE
  • User manual included (download)
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