Dope Bros 'Pretty Lady' Grass Series Bong

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This super sexy Pretty Lady bong from the Grass Series from Dope Bros is an excellent percolator bong with diffuser downstem at an affordable price. A better price / quality ratio is almost impossible; Dope Bros has become a true specialist over the years!

This exciting piece of glassware from Dope Bros is made of the very strong and extremely durable borosilicate glass. This is still one of the best (or perhaps THE best) types of glass to produce bongs to date.

The so-called Pretty Lady from the Grass Series by Dope Bros has a diffuser downstem underneath the bowl. At the end of this smoke pipe (the diffuser downstem) are 6 small exits. These ensure that the smoke that comes out of the downpipe is spread through the water very effectively. Thanks to this ingenious technique, the smoke is also filtered more from harmful substances such as tar. That is of course positive for the taste of your bong hit, and it is also always nice to know that you get less harmful smoke in your lungs thanks to the good filtration of the smoke.

Just above the percolator, the bong is equipped with Ice Notches. You can place ice cubes on these ice holders to cool the smoke down even better. This ensures that you can optimally enjoy your bong hit without "dying" from coughing. Being able to cool the smoke down with ice is of course a desirable option if you like a strong hit of strong herb!

After the smoke has spread through the bottom of the bong and has been partially cooled by the water and also filtered from impurities, the smoke continues its way up through the built-in Spiral Percolator. This “Spiral Perc” makes the smoke a lot cooler, more refreshing and also more pleasant to inhale. In combination with ice cubes, this bong gives you a delicious hit thanks to the percolator and diffuser downstem. Ice cold smoke, super well filtered, and no taste is lost thanks to the revolutionary design of this amazing glassware from Dope Bros.

This bong is equipped with a carbhole (air hole) with which you can control the air flow in the bong with your finger. This carbhole or "kickhole" (because it gives you a real "bong kick") has a rubber plug with which you can close it, so that you can also smoke without the carbhole (by lifting the bowl on the glass handle). Thanks to the rubber plug you can also close the hole in order to fill the bong with warm water and bong cleaner, for easy cleaning. Very handy!

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About the Dope Bros 'Pretty Lady' Grass Series Bong with Spiral Percolator:

  • Connection / Grind: SG19 (18.8mm)
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Imprint: Smoking Pretty Lady / Dope Bros logo
  • Color of the glass: Clear / Dark Green Mouthpiece
  • With Diffuser Downstem
  • Diffuser: Spiral Perc / Spiral Percolator
  • Suitable for Ice Cubes (Ice Bong)
  • Kickhole / Carbhole: Yes, with rubber plug
  • Diameter: 55 mm / 40 mm
  • Height: 35 centimeters
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