Hurricane Basix

Hurricane Basix Bongs are real high-end bongs, most of which handmade from the best glass in Germany. They may be a little more expensive than some other bongs we offer in our store, but that surely doesn't mean they aren't worth it! Hurricane bongs are equipped with some incredible features to ensure the best possible smoking experience, among which precoolers (called "Katalysators" by Hurricane), Diffuser Downstems, Vortex Chambers and small holes that facilitate the "Venturi-effect", making the smoke much more pleasant and enjoyable upon inhalation. In short, when you're buying Hurricane Basix Bongs, you can be sure that you're getting something special. They are also quite rare, and not very well known outside of Germany. Whether you're looking to impress your friends or just interested in buying a good bong, you can be sure that one of these magnificent bongs will offer your both!

The Hurricane Basix Bongs come in three different variations: The 250ml Basix Bong is there for the ones who are just looking for a great piece at a good price, and a bong that shouldn't be too large. The larger 750ml Basix is the middle brother, the medium size, and finally, the Hurricane Basix 1000ml which has a capacity of 1 litre is there for the ones who want to hunt with the big dogs. All variations are available in different colours. There are also several Hurricane bong accessories available as replacement parts for your hurricane bong, but of course, they can also be used to upgrade other brand bongs!

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