Bongify Luxury Grinder 4-Part (Aluminium)

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The Bongify Luxury Grinder 4-Part (Aluminium) is all you want from a weed grinder: made of high-quality aluminium, a luxurious appearance, razor-sharp cutting teeth, and nearly indestructible! 

This Luxury Grinder is made of ultra-strong "aircraft grade" aluminium, and is manufactured using extremely precise CNC-technology. This results in perfect details and finishing, and thanks to the anodized surface, the metal is very well protected against corrosion and other influences that may damage the metal. Despite the very high quality, this grinder is slightly lighter in weight than many other large metal weed grinders, making it easier to take it with you in your bag or backpack. If you prefer a real portable grinder, take a look at our 2-piece luxury grinder.

Thanks to the sharp cutting teeth combined with holes of the perfect size, your weed is always ground to just the right size. No big chunks, but no powder either. Just big enough for perfect combustion and to fully enjoy the pure taste of your delicious herb. After grinding or "grinding", your weed is ready in the second chamber, or the middle container.

Below the second chamber is a trichome filter: a sieve that separates the crystals that fall off while grinding your weed; this powder then ends up in the bottom tray of the grinder, where after a while you will find a lovely little mountain of crystals to give your joint or bong hit some extra "spice". This chamber also contains a plastic scraper tool, with which you can easily remove the crystals and put them in your joint or bong bowl. The edges of the bottom chamber are also rounded so that no trichomes or crystals get stuck in the edges. Another handy detail is that part of the outside of the grinder has a texture that provides extra grip: this makes it easy to turn the crusher around, even with clammy hands or outside in the rain.

The luxurious Bongify grinder comes in a beautiful, black fabric carrying pouch. Here you can discreetly carry or store your grinder, and at the same time protect it against damage (or rather: this protects the other stuff in your bag against the extremely strong grinder!). This way, it is not immediately visible if you happen to be pulled over by the police after your trip to the dispensary.

All in all, the Bongify Luxe Grinder is just a perfected weed grinder that will last a lifetime with a little love. Invest in top quality once and you'll never need a new grinder again!


About The Bongify Luxury Grinder 4-Part (Aluminium)

  • Luxurious Weed Grinder (4-Part)
  • Made of Aluminium
  • With Pollen Filter (Trichome Sieve)
  • Diameter: 5,5 Centimeters
  • Height: 4,7 Centimeters
  • Colour: Gold or Rose Gold
  • Brand: Bongify
  • Grinder Pouch Included
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