Pre-Coolers & Ash Catchers

Pre-Coolers & Ash Catchers are high-quality bong accessories designed to take your smoking experience to a new level. Honeycomb pre-coolers and percolator pre-coolers are extremely popular, and for a good reason: a good bong pre-cooler will enhance the smoothness and taste of your bong hit significantly. The result: less coughing, and bigger bong hits! You can't go wrong with the pre-cooler bong attachments on this page. Free EU-wide shipping from €75!

Buy Pre-Coolers and Ash Catchers Online from the #1 Bong Shop in Europe

What is an ash catcher? The purpose of ash catchers is to keep ashes out of your bong. This keeps your bong cleaner, and prevents ashes from clogging up your percolators or diffusers. We have many different ash catcher brands in stock, such as Black Leaf, Blaze Glass, Grace Glass, ROOR, Grav Labs, Illadelph and Zob. Whether you're looking for a 14,5mm or 18,8mm ash catcher, we have them all! Find the best ash catchers under €100 right here! Like most other bong accessories, precoolers and ash catchers can be found in many different variations, like inline precoolers (precooler with inline diffuser), glycerin precooler, octopus precooler, perc precooler, precooler with downstem, and recycler precoolers. If your ash catcher is clogged, you can easily clean your ash catcher by using some universal bong cleaner. The difference between precooler vs ash catcher is that a precooler is meant to be filled with water, in order to cool the smoke before it enters the bong, whereas an ash catcher is made for the purpose of keeping ashes out of your bong. Although a precooler is meant to improve the quality of the smoke, it often serves as an ash catcher at the same time, like this precooler bowl. Why fool around with homemade precoolers or china glass ash catchers, if you can get some amazing precoolers under €20,-? Bongify has the best cheap precoolers and precooler bongs for sale online, ready to ship to your doorstep!

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