Black Leaf Straight Precooler (14,5mm) Blue

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This is the latest Black Leaf Straight Precooler (14,5mm) Blue, a real innovation in the field of properly cooled smoke and smoother smoking experience. Thanks to its effectivity, inhaling the cooled and filtered smoke is much more pleasant than without using the precooler. The result is that you’re smoking with less pressure on your throat, so that your herbs can be fully enjoyed the way they’re supposed to. Thanks to the advanced 4-channel airflow system, the smoke gets to its destination (your lungs) much more comfortably.

The borosilicate glass of which this precooler is made, is one of the strongest types of glass of which bongs and accessories can be produced. It drastically improves the durability and lifespan of the precooler, as well as increasing the resistance to impact damage. It is quite easy to keep clean. There is no special treatment for cleaning this bong precooler, but by using the proper bong cleaning accessories for getting this precooler 100% clean like new.

The real advantage of this type of precoolers is that the flavour of your herbs stays in the best possible condition. It is even possible to combine multiple precoolers in order to improve the quality of the smoke even further, but of course, one will do the trick just fine!

Take note: this is not a complete bong but a precooler. We have the corresponding bongs in stock at very competitive prices!

We only sell genuine Black Leaf Precoolers.


About The Black Leaf Straight Precooler (14,5mm) blue

  • Made of Strong Borosilicate Glass
  • Extend / Upgrade your current bong
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Attachment: SG14 ( 14,5mm)
  • Advanced 4-channel Airflow System
  • Colour: Blue
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